Ebay. It’s the bane of my existence. It’s great for buying things, but when selling you’re working against ebay’s anti-seller policies.

I just shipped this thing. Paypal is holding my money hostage. I have no recourse if the buyer decides to scam me now that he has already received that X-Files DVD box set. I left them good feedback after a few days, still no feedback from them. Are they pondering whether to scam me? Do they need to watch every DVD before telling the world that I, with my circa 1999 embarrassing high school ebay username, am a good seller?

Now I’m trying to sell a large item. I listed it as local pick up only. Someone a few states away asked if I’d ship it for a bunch of money. I can deal with a bit of hassle for the extra money, and the nearby location meant shipping was reasonable. They said they’d buy it by a certain date so I increased the buy it now price. The date came and went, and people started bidding so the buy it now price is gone. And now they are messaging me constantly asking me to call them, or bring the buy it now price back, or is there a reserve. I don’t think they have any idea how ebay works. I said they’re still welcome to come pick it up but no I’m not calling them and have they checked craigslist for something more local?

Ugh. This thing has been taking up room and I just want it out of the house. I didn’t ask for all this drama.

From now on I think I’m going to just donate small things to my local church rummage sale, and sell bigger things locally on craigslist or this amazing local classifieds magazine that we have. Auctions are for the birds.

Oh, I’m supposed to write exactly 100 words? Not at least 100 and then stop wherever I want? Hard. Don’t care, it’s Saturday, I wrote something, go me.

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