100 words – Almond Milk and Empty Bank Accounts

One of my favorite activities used to be midday target shopping trips, and this week the stars aligned and I was able to do just this. Even better, colleges have started classes so there was only about half the back-to-school shopping population that there had been recently.

It didn’t take long to remember why I don’t do Target trips anymore though; shopping just isn’t fun with an empty bank account.

However I did get to hear a girl tell her mother how offended she was when someone offered her almond milk. “Almond milk?! Ew!” That made the trip worth it.

Finally Friday

I’ve decided to stop the daily 100 word posts and instead use them occasionally as I think of a topic. I’m not really sure what the endgame was of the 100 word posts so this works out anyway.

I started writing them as a way to write consistently, but when I didn’t have something to write I found myself just adding words to meet this arbitrary criteria. I’d rather practice writing well sometimes than writing gibberish daily.

This week has also been a bit ridiculous which didn’t help with the daily writing. The weekend was full of car repairs, ending with me borrowing my parents’ 18 year old Mazda since my car is really broken now, so I didn’t have much downtime on my days off. Then there were pretty bad cases of insomnia Sunday and Monday nights, and a car alarm at 6:45am on Wednesday so sleep was lacking for the first half of the week. Despite this I got a bunch of work done including what may be a record number of custom orders and I bought some new equipment for my business (as discussed a few posts ago).

I also survived yet another dentist appointment. I never really had a problem with the dentist since switching to my current one who is actually both nice and competent, but I fear my wisdom teeth removal messed me up subconsciously so I’m once again afraid of dental visits for no good reason. Luckily there were no problems so maybe I can start getting over it again?

This morning I finished up one website order and did a custom order of 15 drawstring backpacks and then…nothing. I think I needed that.

100 words day 23 – Words inspired by some YouTube videos I just watched.

I ran out of things to write about two weeks ago and I can only talk about my boring days so much. So let’s talk about that YouTube video I just saw that did nothing to help with my constant feeling of hopelessness. Actually I feel so hopeless that I don’t care enough to write about how hopeless I feel.

I need a haircut. But I’m too lazy to find the pictures of the haircut I liked, so who knows when that will happen.

I spent my evening putting together online jigsaw puzzles of bird pictures. How exciting is that?

100 words day 22 – I almost forgot to write again

This weekend was hectic, what with the breaking cars and all. I thought today would be better, I had a routine going, Monday orders are great now!

But…I had 2 large custom orders, and most of my customers wanted decals in a color that I had to make from scratch. Really? What was it about this weekend that made people want to buy rubber duck decals in any color other than yellow. Rubber ducks are yellow, why do you need to change it up?

It’s bedtime now, I hope tomorrow has some downtime so I can clean up after today.

100 words day 21 – I’m now an expert in removing wheels from my car. And putting them back on. And taking them off.

Friday, my car drove fine, more or less.

Saturday, my father and I tried to fix a suspension problem.

Saturday evening, my car drove fine, just with a nasty noise.

Sunday, we watched many youtube videos, fixed the noise and fixed the suspension on our second attempt.

It’s Sunday evening now and my car isn’t driveable. Apparently the caliper needs to go on correctly, and you need to not strip the threads, and it’s not safe to drive with a caliper that isn’t bolted on.

Did I mention yet that there are 3 other wheels that still need suspension fixes?

100 words day 20 – The guy who sold pixels for $1 was ahead of his time

I’ve calculated that I need something like $30,000. I don’t need it right away, that would be crazy, but eventually.

My rational plan is to grow my business and try something like selling x number of extra decals per week, and the money from those extra orders is just for savings.

But wouldn’t it be so much more fun to set up an indiegogo page and ask for $1 in exchange for a personalized funny cat video? Can I make 30,000 funny cat videos for $1 each? Or find an equally ridiculous and novel skill that would translate into entertainment?

100 words day 19c – How to waste a weekend

I pretend that my weekends are going to be so amazing. I’ll clean and exercise and work on hobbies that I didn’t have time for during the work week!

But in reality I barely work during the week, and then my weekends often turn into drawn-out mope-fests.

This weekend I should really fix my car. I’m excited for the new parts and it will be so nice to not have warning lights on the dash all the time. Yet my imaginary weekend is so fun and relaxing that I can’t muster up any desire to do something real and necessary.

100 words day 19b – Adventures in Lego

Thursday proved that it only takes 1 day to kill a habit, as I had yet again forgotten about posting until I was already in bed.

Anyway, Lego. Yesterday I was presented with boxes and boxes of Lego bricks without instructions. It’s an exaggeration to say I was paralyzed by choice, but I was definitely intimidated. I ended up building a castle surrounding a beach with sunbathing Mixels and sharks and scuba divers. And Spider-Man riding a dragon. It was surprisingly freeing to put pieces together and let the scene build itself. Like making up stories based on abstract clouds.

100 words day 19a – Oops, I disappeared

I was already in bed Wednesday evening when I remembered that I hadn’t yet blogged for the day. I even had things to write about, like how I went for my first run in 2.5 weeks, hooray!

The thing is, running is what forces me to drink enough water. I hadn’t been running, so I hadn’t been drinking enough water, so when I did run I ended up with a migraine to go along with my sore legs. The rest of the day was simply making dinner and hoping for the medicine to kick in, but it never really did.

100 words day 18 – crippling entrepreneurial depression masked as road rage

I saw an article today that said social isolation is as unhealthy as obesity, or something like that. I only read the article title, not the actual article. Clicking was too much work.

Anyway, I work mostly alone. I know I should go see people more, but I hate people. What I mean is that I hate other people driving on the same roads I am driving on because these are the people I see the most. People suck at driving. I need frequent reminders that some people can be okay as long as they are not behind the wheel.