One of my favorite activities used to be midday target shopping trips, and this week the stars aligned and I was able to do just this. Even better, colleges have started classes so there was only about half the back-to-school shopping population that there had been recently.

It didn’t take long to remember why I don’t do Target trips anymore though; shopping just isn’t fun with an empty bank account.

However I did get to hear a girl tell her mother how offended she was when someone offered her almond milk. “Almond milk?! Ew!” That made the trip worth it.

One thought on “100 words – Almond Milk and Empty Bank Accounts

  1. I’ve not been to Target in a while, and when last I went it was after 9 PM. (I’d meant to go on Thursday night, but forgot.) I go there for things such as dental floss and detergent.

    When I was last in a relationship, I would often find interesting things not only for myself but for my partner, so going to Target has become a reminder of the failure of that relationship.

    I very much dislike “Back to School!” promotions, because I remember how unhappy these reminders made me when I had no choice but to go to school. As an adult, I have even stopped doing business with firms that begin such promotions in July, simply because I think that they are being jerks.

    I don’t think that I’ve ever had almond milk. I had rice milk once, but remember little about it other than thinking it uninteresting.

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