I had this great post on Facebook written out but it was over 100 words and I decided that rather than condense it, I could just as easily copy the words “I hate Facebook” enough times to meet the word quota. Today’s rant was about how I don’t want to accept friend requests from family because there are parts of my life that I don’t want to share with them, and Facebook doesn’t give me an acceptable way to filter who sees posts. Actually, since I don’t pay Facebook anything they never let anyone see my posts anyway. Problem solved?

One thought on “100 words day 15 – I’m not sure the 21st century is all it’s cracked up to be

  1. I don’t receive beFriending requests from family members, but I wouldn’t accept them either, for the same reason as given by you.

    I also note — from my visitor logs — that my family members do not seem to visit my 'blog. There are things in some entries that I would not want family members to read, but I have the Post Levels plugin installed thereupon, the very personal stuff isn’t publicly accessible, and some things are still less accessible.

    I liked the LJ filtering system better than a levelling system, but nothing like that LJ filtering was available for WordPress when I began my present 'blog. I don’t know whether anything like it has since been implemented; I don’t want to spend the time to creäte something like it.

    I have a Facebook account because it is the only practical way for me to maintain contact with some people. I’d be happier if those people migrated to a different service.

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