100 words day 9 – meta Sunday number 2

When I started this blogging adventure I thought the biggest problem would be committing the time to do this every day. It turns out that finding time to write just 100 words is the easy part, while thinking of something to write is the real challenge. Daily routine is boring, adventures are hard to condense, and um, what else is there? I suppose I can write about a different animal every day (axolotl!), or my favorite words (splay!) but that doesn’t seem to be the point. Wait, what is the point? Why am I doing this? Axolotl it is then.

100 words day 8 – Organization is not my thing

I’m working on a new website, so rather than continuing to save pictures from the old website I decided to look for the original files. Great idea in theory, but if there was a show called digital hoarders I would be the subject of their first episode. I think I made it through 4 folders with many, many more to go. And the number of duplicates in just those 4 folders! Yikes. I think I’ll grab pictures from my old site after all, if I have to sort all my old pictures first the new site will never get done.

100 words day 7 – Alcohol? Alcohol.

Today is a blue moon, and it’s the last day in July, my favorite month! There is a Blue Moon (the beer and the planetary object) party at the local water park, but I don’t like social events so I’m at home drinking a Blue Moon (beer) and enjoying the blue moon (planetary object).

Happily my local beer supplier had the new Blue Moon IPA, and it’s surprisingly good. I’m trying to learn to like IPAs and this is an excellent entry-level offering. It tastes like regular Blue Moon, just hoppier. Now time to get back to my drunk astronomy.

100 words day 6 – condensed stream of consciousness

There’s not much to talk about today. I’ve been rebuilding my website from scratch and it’s more enjoyable than I had expected, I just don’t know if that’s because it’s something different to do or because I actually find it interesting.

This led me to lots of mental list-making in an attempt to identify my true interests and figure out what I should be doing with my life. Long story short, the things I think I’m interested in I barely know about, so how do I know that I’m actually interested in them and not just the idea of them?

100 words day 5 – My computer is trying to kill me

Did you ever have that one bit of work that you really didn’t want to do? I’m struggling with that now. It should have been done Sunday, Monday at the latest, and now it’s Wednesday and still not even started. I’m going to go do it right now.

Back now. I expected that to be an easy 1 hour job that would make me wonder why I ever put it off. Instead I learned that it is indeed possible to rip your own hair out in frustration. I’m going to take a much needed chai and reddit break now.

100 words day 4 – Being an adult, the downside

I’ve been trying to cook dinner more. It’s cheaper and healthier and probably better for the planet, but man, it really feels like a job. There should be a guaranteed national income just to pay people for the effort it takes to cook meals. At least it isn’t something I despise, but I’m not one of those people who finds cooking to be fulfilling. On top of that, I’m spending all this effort on dinner so I’m just eating junk food for breakfast and lunch. I only have so much effort to give. There must be a better way, right?

100 words day 3 – Just call me Garfield

Mondays are hit or miss around here. Sometimes I wake up ready to start on all my exciting work after a restful weekend. Today, like probably the majority of Mondays, is not one of those days. It started out strong; wake up at 9, go for a walk, get a bunch of work done. Then there was the great incident of July 27th where I tried to order something online for store pickup (at 35% off!) and it didn’t work at all and now I don’t know what’s going on. Guess I’ll have some lunch and try again on Tuesday.

100 words day 2 – meta Sunday

Everything I write has one thing in common: it’s…bad. The best advice I’ve heard on learning to write better is to read more, and that’s great because now I know what good writing is and I have something to aspire too. That’s bad because the more I read old things I’ve written the more I cringe and vow not to touch a keyboard again. I loved to write in high school but I only learned how to excel at generic 5 paragraph essays. In college that changed to lab reports and theses. Good blog posts and articles are still unobtainable.

Trying this 100 words thing, day 1

Ebay. It’s the bane of my existence. It’s great for buying things, but when selling you’re working against ebay’s anti-seller policies.

I just shipped this thing. Paypal is holding my money hostage. I have no recourse if the buyer decides to scam me now that he has already received that X-Files DVD box set. I left them good feedback after a few days, still no feedback from them. Are they pondering whether to scam me? Do they need to watch every DVD before telling the world that I, with my circa 1999 embarrassing high school ebay username, am a good seller?

Now I’m trying to sell a large item. I listed it as local pick up only. Someone a few states away asked if I’d ship it for a bunch of money. I can deal with a bit of hassle for the extra money, and the nearby location meant shipping was reasonable. They said they’d buy it by a certain date so I increased the buy it now price. The date came and went, and people started bidding so the buy it now price is gone. And now they are messaging me constantly asking me to call them, or bring the buy it now price back, or is there a reserve. I don’t think they have any idea how ebay works. I said they’re still welcome to come pick it up but no I’m not calling them and have they checked craigslist for something more local?

Ugh. This thing has been taking up room and I just want it out of the house. I didn’t ask for all this drama.

From now on I think I’m going to just donate small things to my local church rummage sale, and sell bigger things locally on craigslist or this amazing local classifieds magazine that we have. Auctions are for the birds.

Oh, I’m supposed to write exactly 100 words? Not at least 100 and then stop wherever I want? Hard. Don’t care, it’s Saturday, I wrote something, go me.