Finally Friday

I’ve decided to stop the daily 100 word posts and instead use them occasionally as I think of a topic. I’m not really sure what the endgame was of the 100 word posts so this works out anyway.

I started writing them as a way to write consistently, but when I didn’t have something to write I found myself just adding words to meet this arbitrary criteria. I’d rather practice writing well sometimes than writing gibberish daily.

This week has also been a bit ridiculous which didn’t help with the daily writing. The weekend was full of car repairs, ending with me borrowing my parents’ 18 year old Mazda since my car is really broken now, so I didn’t have much downtime on my days off. Then there were pretty bad cases of insomnia Sunday and Monday nights, and a car alarm at 6:45am on Wednesday so sleep was lacking for the first half of the week. Despite this I got a bunch of work done including what may be a record number of custom orders and I bought some new equipment for my business (as discussed a few posts ago).

I also survived yet another dentist appointment. I never really had a problem with the dentist since switching to my current one who is actually both nice and competent, but I fear my wisdom teeth removal messed me up subconsciously so I’m once again afraid of dental visits for no good reason. Luckily there were no problems so maybe I can start getting over it again?

This morning I finished up one website order and did a custom order of 15 drawstring backpacks and then…nothing. I think I needed that.